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Psychology Counselling Service

CIMG9888Counselling with Jen

Counselling in a relaxed, friendly setting, to assist you make positive changes to recognise and share your gifts in the world. I listen and work with you to learn skills so you can cope better with your anxiety and depression while you continue to live life in line with your values. 

On line counselling ..COVID 19

I am now offering telephone and video calls . These can be bulk billed through Medicare with Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. No charge to you. 

Making Friends with Yourself

One the areas I focus on is our inner critic. We all have one. Sometimes they become so big they stop us from recognising our gifts and sharing them. Unhelpful critics contribute to anxiety and depression, lack of meaning and purpose, work and relationship difficulties and making big life transitions.


I welcome and have worked with people with disabilities including people with intellectual and cognitive disability, people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and people who identify within the LGBTI community.

Initial steps

Before the first counselling session I send you information about what is involved and ask you to consider your purpose. At the first session we talk about confidentiality, your values and what you hope for in your life. I also demonstrate my approach and teach a simple exercise. I primarily use Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Narrative approaches


My fee is usually $150 for first session, and $135 per session thereafter. Sessions are between 50-60 minutes except for the first session which can 75 minutes. 

For people who come for counselling and have a  Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from their GP, rebates of $84.80 are available through Medicare Better Access program.  For six initial sessions and then four more following a GP review.

For Pensioners, Concession card holders and those on low incomes bulk billing is available (with MHCP). Currently I am bulk billing all telephone and video sessions.