Stories  People  Processes


Our stories are important.

Stories help us make sense of our place in the world.

They help our children and grandchildren and future generations connect and belong.

 They connect us to our communities. 

“I never saw my father cry until he told me the story of meeting his brother.”  This is the power of stories.


 Record Oral Histories for families and on line collections. 

” I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for the work you’ve done. When I listen to the recordings, I feel you captured the essence in June’s story, and we can hear the joy in Mum’s voice as she was speaking it. It gave us, and will continue to give us, a lot of pleasure to listen to, and we can’t thank you enough. Your professionalism to my mother was outstanding”  Michael Trudgian

National Library of Australia: Forgotten Australia Project 

State Library of Queensland: Multicultural Community Project



 Capture your story in written or digital formats. An example of Flora‘s story.


 Speak your story Develop confidence to speak your story.


 Coordinate your community story  Capture and record your significant community and organisational events. 


 Facilitate stories   

Jen’s role as facilitator was essential in achieving our objectives of empowering women to share their stories and encourage cross-cultural connection. Jen has a natural affinity with communities and made our job so easy!” Eadie Hancock, Ethnic Communities Council Queensland


Jen Barrkman has published in Oral History Association Journal and presented and both National and International Oral History Conferences.

Jen has a Graduate Diploma in Local, Applied and Family History, and is a long time member of the Oral History Association of Australia.