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My Ancestoral Story Workshop

How do I share my family story and explore its impact on my life?

History is an integral part of our humanity. It connects us to the past, to those who brought us here and to this point in time, and it grounds us in our place. Stories, songs, and places must be protected if we are to keep our humanity.”
Dr Neela Janakiramanan. 

We often don’t have space to speak and explore our family story. Nor do we many have opportunities to develop a deeper connection to and understanding of our family story, its influence on our life and ultimately, our essential Self.

My Ancestral Story Workshop offers a rare space to explore your family story with like-minded others to make sense of and appreciate its’ influence on you and your family.


During our day together there will be opportunities to build skills for the next steps on your family history journey. We offer a range of practical exercises – listening, writing, reflecting and sharing – to help you uncover the heart of your family story, consider how you can best share it and make connections with like-minded others.


Thank you for the opportunity to participate, to share in your collaboration and to reap the benefit of your collective skills and experiences. The opportunity to spend a day with kind like minded women, to hear and share family stories and secrets and to validate the fascination with and worth of honouring our ancestral heritage. This workshop validated the importance of my ancestral history to my personal narrative and reinforced my passion and commitment to sharing both with my descendants for the benefit (or otherwise) of future generations. Janet Marshall, Participant


My Ancestral Story Workshop is not a genealogical research workshop but is for anyone who has started researching and exploring their family story and is thinking about how they might be able to take their story to the next level.

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Late 2020. 




Carolyn Ball (local host) has a long-term interest in family story. Fortunate to grow up listening to her grandparents and great uncle and aunt recount tales about days long gone, her interest easily developed into genealogical research. After writing and delivering her 100-year-old grandmother’s eulogy, Carolyn self-published three books on her family’s story and more recently, submitted her thesis for the Society of Australian Genealogical Society’s Diploma of Family History. Carolyn now offers coaching to help family history researchers who are ready to share their own family story. Learn more about Carolyn at

Jen Barrkman assists people develop confidence and presence to share their stories and experiences. Jen is an oral historian and story facilitator helping others to share personal, family and community stories in a variety of mediums including written, oral, digital and performance. She was a member of Forgotten Australia oral history project for National Library of Australia, conducted oral histories for State Library Queensland and celebrated and facilitated stories in written, digital Benarrawa, Acacia Ridge Community, Queenslanders with Disability as well as individual families. For many years she has been drawn to research and write her family story and is currently embarking on her personal project. Learn more about Jen at