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Power of Being Heard

We listen to understand, to support someone or to connect. Jen is hosting an online workshops to explore the gift of listening creatively.

How we express to people we have heard is typically with words, enquiry and questions.

Yet often a neglected and potent way to show we have deeply heard is through metaphor and our senses.

Sound, visual, touch and sensation in our body, taste and smell. We show a baby we have heard them by picking them up, holding, cooing, rocking, making strange noises… Its what we do.

Through my work with psychodrama, Playback theatre and then later when I practised Vipassana silence meditation,  I noticed my mind much more clearly and the stories in my head. 

I learnt about the importance of listening with my whole being and using all my senses, not only words, to express what I heard. 

 Allowing what emerges in response to someone else rather than trying to do something. Allowing space for silence. 

Join me for two online workshops October 16 and October 21 as part of the Australian Facilitators network Conference.