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If you struggle to find ways to engage diverse people in activities or are looking for something different then these workshops are for you.  Relying on old ways of teaching doesn’t work. Sitting in chairs in rows, being passive limited our ability to act. Our world needs people who can be lighthearted, spontaneous and authentic in dealing with the many issues we face. 


Women Transforming Leadership .  Creating a new leadership story.


Power of being Heard Listen deeply so people are heard and valued and working relationships are enhanced.


Speak Up  Confidence and presence to speak up and share your gifts.


Creative Facilitation; Games for Group Engagement. Purposeful, embodied games and interactive activities. 

Talk to Jen to design specifically for your organisation or group or to host and partner a program or training event. 

I also work with other insightful and wise teachers through Art of Hosting with Campfire Coop and trainers and teach improvisation and Playback theatre skills with Red Thread Stories.